Get Access to my Watercolour Camellia Flower Video Tutorial Here

Learn how to paint a realistic Camellia flower in watercolour step-by step!


  • Learn 3 techniques that will rock your watercolour world!
  • Watch the demos in whatever order you would like
  • Enjoy this tutorial on your own schedule and at your own pace
  • The Camellia drawing is supplied, learn how to transfer a drawing like a pro
  • Get a list of all the materials I use and recommend

In this class we will learn three main watercolour techniques that will allow you to build up the majority of a flowers 3-D form. Discover how to add depth and fine details to your flower and make it pop off the paper! This class is suited to both beginners and more experienced watercolour painters. The first videos will be great for beginners to introduce basics materials and techniques, the later video demos show you how to take a basic wash and create the depth and detail that helps the flower look more realistic and pop-off the page.  Follow along as I show you how to great a beautiful botanically inspired painting.

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Learn to Paint a Realistic Watercolor Camellia Flower

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