Great Blue Heron with Drummonds Rush

Laura Ashton, Great Blue Heron with Drummonds Rush, 2017, watercolour, 23 x 22 in.

Impermanence focuses on a grassland study area near Vernon. Watercolour illustrations and a video compilation highlight the beauty and frailty of nature through changing seasons.

Opening Reception | Thursday, May 25, 6-8 p.m. at VPAG

Join me at the opening reception of Impermanence this Thursday at the Vernon Public Art Gallery! I would be thrilled to meet you at the opening this Thursday night. Please feel free to bring guests, and don’t hesitate to introduce yourself if we have not yet met in person.

The gallery invites you and guests to the opening reception of four new exhibitions, Emergence by UBCO BFA Graduates, Arctic Sojourn by Nicola Tibbetts, Impermanence by Laura Ashton, and You Are Here by Teen Junction. Enjoy an evening of art, music, appies, beer, wine and punch. Admission is by donation. The gallery is located underneath the downtown Vernon parkade at 3228 31st Ave.

VPAG Curator
“The Okanagan valley has been experiencing a population growth and an influx of people from other parts of the province and the rest of Canada. The demand for housing and amenities for people has been steadily increasing and the new development of massive subdivisions is increasingly encroaching on the grassland habitat around the valley. Ashton’s exhibition Impermanence was produced within the context of urban development and the endangerment of the grassland ecosystem.”

– Lubos Culen
Curator, Vernon Public Art Gallery

An Illustration Project


I am excited to share the finished illustrations from a project I have been working on the last few months.  These are all botanical ingredients, illustrated for a B.C based natural skincare company.  They will be incorporated into the packaging designs and represent some of the most commonly used ingredients in the products.

I look forward to sharing the completed products with you when they have been officially launched!  Stay tuned.

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Prickly Pear Cactus |Botanical Sketchbook Study

In June this year, I was out on the hike and found a huge patch of Prickly Pear in bloom.  I was very excited about this botanical “find”.  Prickly Pear is a cactus that is native to B.C. You will often find it stuck to your shoes if you do not realize you are walking through a patch of it.  I visited this same patch again later in the season in August and made a sketchbook study off it, using the Zoom In Zoom Out technique I outline in my blog article, 5 Nature Sketchbook Layout Ideas.

Choke Cherry and Prickly Pear Cactus Nature sketchbook drawing watercolour painting

Here is a photo of the same patch of cactus later in the season.


cactus 2

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Recent Paintings |Siberian Iris

My latest painting is a portrait of three Siberian Irises. These flowers are quite tricky to paint because purple and yellow are complimentary colours and if they mix together at all they create an undesirable brown colour mix. So keeping the colour bright and clean while blending them next to one another is not an easy task.  I did however enjoy painting this flower portrait, Irises are one my favourite flowers. For information on purchasing the original framed painting please contact me.

© Ashley Victoria Photography






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Recent Paintings – Hellebore

The green hellebore shown below is my most recent painting.  My mom brought me some hellebore plants from Victoria and since there is still snow here, I currently have them in my garage under a window.  I was so happy when I went down and saw that they were blooming.  I could not resist and decided to paint a close up of the green flower to match my pink hellebore painting from 2015, (also shown below).. Stay tuned for green hellebore greeting cards and gifts tags to go with the pink hellebore cards and  gift tags currently available in my online shop. For information on purchasing the original framed paintings please contact me.




Pink Hellebore-new


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